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Students show support against bullying

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013 at 9:28 am

Four fourth grade students at Main Street Elementary in Troy had an idea and took the idea and made it into something even bigger. Bailee Anderson, Maddie Day, and Mackenzie and Maggie Reed started a club, which they call ABC. ABC stands for Anti Bullying Club. These four students have been instrumental in informing their fellow students about bullying and what to do if you or someone you know has been bullied. A lot of hard work, research, and outside school work has gone into the student-run club. The club has expanded to others in the school, but the leaders of the bunch, Bailee, Maddie, Mackenzie and Maggie, remain the backbone of the group. They have presented ideas to the Chamber of Commerce and since then have had a lot of positive feed back from the community, especially from Bodine Aluminum. Kathryn Ragsdale, of Bodine, saw their efforts and offered to help with funding so the group could celebrate their hard work and raising awareness. Instead of having a party for just ABC, they decided to hold a balloon launch on Clonts Field. Each student wrote a special note to encourage the anti bullying policy and placed it into the balloon. The Anti Bullying Club hopes that it will be a good reminder to be kind to others and to always consider their feelings.

Bodine Aluminum presented ABC with a $500 donation check to help support the club next year. The four founders of the club will be moving into fifth grade and hope to continue the club there, but Main Street Elementary is planning to continue ABC with those who will remain in the school and wish to participate.

Pictured are Maggie Reed, Maddie Day, Bailee Anderson, and Mackenzie Reed after they just received their surprise check from Kathryn Ragsdale, of Bodine Aluminum.