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Team Juls, an astounding amount of support for one brave three-year-old girl

Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 8:23 am

Julia Stone

Julia Stone

Does it always seem like bad things happen to good people? Is it true that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle? Is there always a silver lining to every storm cloud? I guess we will never truly know the answers to these questions but will always find a solution to the problem at hand…one way or another.

This past week two very good friends of mine found out that their three-year-old cousin has stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma that has moved to her liver, both lungs and lymph nodes. This is a type of bone cancer that affects young children and is typically considered rare in girls, especially girls under the age of 10. Julia, or Juls as they call her, is a very smart, beautiful and energetic little girl. She is the typical three-year-old and no one suspected anything was wrong until they discovered a hard lump on the back of her leg.

I can’t even wrap my mind around what this family is going through. How does one cope with news of stage 4 cancer, let alone their child at age three? To go from a happy healthy family before a doctor visit to spending your nights at Children’s Hospital battling cancer is life changing for everyone involved. Many people deal with cancer in their lifetime may it be through family, friends, or their own battle but with the daily struggles you can also see an outpouring support group behind all those who are involved, especially for Julia.

Julia Stone is from Rosebud, Mo. but a portion of her extended family lives right here in Lincoln County. It’s touching to see everyone reaching out to share prayers, to start fundraisers and posting pictures of Juls, no matter if they personally know Julia or not. My Facebook “newsfeed” has been plastered with Team Juls pictures and prayers for the family. It’s really touching to see everyone coming together with so much love.

Juls has a very large support group that is trying to raise money to cover medical costs and traveling fees. I know there will be a lot of help from their hometown but I also wanted to extend the offer for Lincoln County to get involved in the cause since many of their relatives are here within the community. The Stone family set a goal of 300 t-shirts sold in three weeks. In less than one week they have surpassed that goal and have raised the bar higher to 600 in three weeks. All the proceeds from the t-shirts go directly to the family to help with the cost of chemo, gas and other medical expenses. Visit “Prayers for Julia” on Facebook for more information on Julia’s journey through her treatments and fundraising/donation information. Help Julia beat the odds and join Team Juls!

By Kristen Harris