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Teen takes hostage, ignites home on fire before arrest

Posted on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 11:03 am



Lincoln County deputies  announce arrest of a teenager after he allegedly took hostages and started a fire in the interior of a home off Hwy. KK near Troy Thursday (July 10).

According to a release, Lincoln County deputies were dispatched to the first 100 block of Devin Drive, of Troy for a complaint of domestic assault.  Upon arrival, Charles “Trey” Reef, age 17, had barricaded himself in the home and refused to speak with deputies.

Investigators learned prior to their arrival, Reef’s girlfriend was about eight months pregnant and she was trying to make arrangements for a scheduled visit with her obstetrician.  Due to a recent motor vehicle accident, the family did not have available transportation.

The girlfriend was able to secure a ride with a family member; however, the family member would not allow Reef to attend because she did not like him.  This angered Reef who began threatening everyone in the home with butcher knives.  Reef then doused himself in gasoline and grabbed a handheld torch and again threatened to light the residence and himself on fire.


Investigators on scene learned Reef had planned to light the home on fire and force deputies to shoot him commonly known as “suicide by cop.”

The girlfriend’s mother and two siblings were able to escape the residence, while Reef kept his girlfriend hostage.  A short time later, the girlfriend was able to safely escape the residence.

Law enforcement surrounded the residence and attempted to contact Reef with no success.  Deputies observed smoke in the home and retrieved keys from the homeowner.  While in the residence, a large amount of smoke was coming from a rear laundry room.  Deputies could hear Reef coughing in the laundry room and started negotiating with him.

Reef told investigators he lit the house on fire and was going to die and deputies would die if they remained in the residence.  Deputies unlocked and opened the laundry room door and were confronted with visible flames and large amounts of smoke.  Reef had barricaded himself in the laundry room using a dresser and ignited a large pile of trash.

Reef told deputies saying he was going to kill them all in the fire.  Deputies then incapacitated him with a Taser.  While taking Reef into custody, several deputies made a clearing in the fire to safely remove Reef from the residence.  The Lincoln County Fire Protection District Fire District No. 1, extinguished the fire and no one was injured.

After being cleared by medical doctors, Reef was charged with felony Arson First Degree and felony Assault on Law Enforcement Officers in the First Degree.  Reef is currently housed at a mental health facility for an evaluation and is subject to a $250,000 cash only bond.   Other conditions of bond may apply.

Those charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.