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The little school that can…

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 8:30 am

The little school that can…proved it again as Silex High School claimed their second state championship in softball, along with numerous other top four finishes in their recent history. Congratulations to Coach Robert James and his Lady Owls for coming out on top and having lost only one game this season.

The school and community lost a valued member of the school earlier this fall with the tragic loss of Trent Huber.  His presence is still with the team and school with his initials adorning the helmets and in other visible signs. I believe the team’s determination and commitment to reach the top was sealed through the memory of their friend and classmate. He was definitely present in spirit.

Another factor was the tremendous spirit brought to Springfield by an enthusiastic group of students. I thought at first the young men whose bare chests spelled out  “SILEX” proudly would freeze during the cold, windy conditions during the semifinals. However, they kept warm by parading around the outside perimeter of the field each time the Lady Owls pushed across yet another run. Never getting out of hand, they made their community, administrators and parents very proud by their conduct and school spirit.

After a never ending barrage of political advertising where no one can find truth or dispel fiction, the brief respite and journey to Springfield hopefully rejuvenated both body and spirit. Lincoln County can be proud of its young people and athletics has given them memories they will cherish throughout their lives.  Success can be achieved through hard work and team unity.  Those are lessons which can be used throughout life.

By Bob Simmons