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The search for adopters continue!!

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 9:05 am

Listed are a few of the 152 families in the Adopt A Family program who are in need and awaiting your help. Maybe a family catches your eye because you can relate to their situation. Consider adopting one of these families. If you can’t do it alone, consider teaming up with neighbors, friends, co-workers, your church group, or members of an organization you are a part of. Together people can make a difference in the lives of these families this Christmas!

#121: Mom on disability, Dad’s is pending from an injury in 2012. No income other than disability. Needs: Pots & Pans, Silverware, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Country Cd’s, Tools, Phone Card, MP3 Player, Nerf Gun

#122: Family w/5 children. Moved here because of work. Needs: Pots & Pans, Space Heater, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Books, Model Card, Nike Hoodie, Curling Wand, RC Car, Bey Blades, Art Supplies, Doll House, Barbie

#125: Just moved back to area, starting from scratch. Needs: Mattresses, Sofa, Pots & Pans. Gift Suggestions: Sewing Machine, Legos, Bike, Hand Weights, Basketball, Lava Lamp, Guitar

#127: Spouse lost job, was living off Mom’s income until she lost her job. Needs: Hand Towels, Shoes. Gift Suggestions: Xbox Controller, Art Supplies, Army Men, Skylanders

#128: Single mom. Father of children lost job & quit paying child support. Mom is disabled & can’t work. Needs: Pots & Pans, Queen Bed. Gift Suggestions: Radio, TV Converter, Body Wash, Earrings

#132: Husband disabled from work injury, returning to school. Wife just laid off. Needs: Refrigerator, Blankets, Towels, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Deep Skillet, Country Cds, Zarts Crossbow, Nerf, Barbie, Legos, Scooby Doo

#134: Disabled mom. Husband’s disability is pending. Daughter & her newborn living with her as well. Needs: Towels, Skillet, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Perfume, Purse, Wallet, Camo Bedding, Infant Toys, Exersaucer

If you are interested in adopting one of these families, or would like more information, please call (636) 244-4640, or email