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Tidbits from Lincoln County Historical Society

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 9:09 am

Moscow Mills, established in 1801, by major Christopher Clark, centered itself around the millsite. People made the journey to grind their corn and turn their wheat into meal and flour. Over the years there were three mills, the original mill, the Wing Mills and the Kerpash Mill. Indians, floods and times all took their toll on the site. The old millsite is owned by the Lincoln County Historical Society, through a donation from the Kerpash family, but leased to the city of Moscow Mills.

Today, the Lincoln County Coalition is putting new life into the Moscow Mills Millsite Park. The Coalition has cleaned up the actual site of the mill, added a split rail fence, and diverted water from damaging the site. The plan of action is to add a walking trail from the Millsite Park to Old Moscow Mills bridge and river access for boating. There will be a pavilion for picnicking and sign boards to tell historical facts about the millsite, the Shortline Railroad that ran passed the mill and marked the spot for the Hotel Moscow Mills.

Please feel free to take a journey to the Millsite Park, enjoy a look at the Cuivre River, walk the Millsite and use the grills to BBQ.

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Moscow Mills’ old millsite.