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Time to eliminate our negativity

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2013 at 8:26 am

It seems the digital age has brought about a great deal of change in the past few years. Most of the change has been for the better, but perhaps it is also ushering in the age of negativity. While social media and networking sites have allowed us to meet and connect with people they have also provided a stage for people to complain and criticize on an unprecedented level. It is as if our social pages allow us to become a more critical and cynical version of ourselves.

While I am all for questioning the way things are done, I feel as though one should not complain about a problem or criticize one for the way they are handling a problem without first coming up with a solution themselves. We have the ability to become the greatest generation ever. We have the ability to solve many of the world’s problems. We have the ability to share information and ideas with the click of a button. We need to leave our negativity and criticism behind us and work together to become the greatest generation.

There are many websites such as Crowdspring, Kickstarter and Odesk that are already using basic principals of crowd sourcing and crowd funding to develop ideas into products. The theory is simple get a group or crowd together to put their input in on a particular project and then reimburse them accordingly. By allowing multiple people to come together to solve an idea they are allowing everyone to use their voice to become constructive rather than negative.

These sites and our generation’s ability to work together over the internet creates the ability to forever change the process of design, as well as industry, science and culture. Perhaps when we open ourselves up to this new style of problem solving we will overcome our negativity towards other’s ideas. Then just maybe, we will be able to use this to overcome our differences and see past our prejudices and intolerance. There is a bold world of new and innovative products and ideas out there waiting for us to leave our mark on them; all we have to do is step out of our shell and leave our negativity behind.

By Clint Mix