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TMS teacher’s literacy project inspires reading

Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 9:27 am

Sixth grade students at Troy Middle School learned the enjoyment of reading through a project called Literacy through Listening. The program was started two years ago by teacher James Hoskins. During class time, Hoskins played portions of the audiobook and tried to get students interested in the book. While students are typing and learning keyboarding skills, they listen to the books until a key part in the book. Hoskins would refer them to the actual book to find out what happens next. Hoskins discovered the demand for the book increases a great deal once students are somewhat exposed to it through the audiobook.

With grants from the middle school PTSO and the Missouri State Teachers Association, the program purchased additional copies of various titles as well as an audiobook for various titles.

Barb Nolan of the Troy Middle School library believes Hoskins energized students about reading.

“Mr. Hoskins’ implementation of his reading and listening program has helped to encourage a number of students to begin reading more challenging books. Many then continued to read on within a series and even further to an additional series by the same author or another within that same genre,” Nolan said.

Hoskins has plans to expand the program next year with the help of a grant from the Retired Teachers Association of Lincoln County. Students in the Literacy through Listening program competed to not only read the most of Hoskins’ recommended reads and improve their keyboarding skills.

Sara Morice placed first and won a Nook donated by Best Buy. She read 12 books, worth 260 reading counts points, of Hoskins’ “recommended reads.” Dean Taylor read 10 books “recommended reads,” worth 225 reading counts points. Taylor won a t-shirt donated by GameStop of Troy. Brianna Pfeiffer placed third by reading six recommended reads.

Pictured (left to right): Dean Taylor, who read 10 books; James Hoskins, who started the Literacy through Listening program; Sara Morice, who read 12 books; and Brianna Pfeiffer, who read six books.