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Today’s youth starting off on the wrong foot

Posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 9:39 am

Blurred lines are exactly what today’s youth have come to know as they search for someone to look up to and see those who are in the spotlight as role models. It’s the line between classy and trashy that is crossed all too often as we watch “famous” people get caught doing things that we wouldn’t want our children to do. It’s not that these things never happen to anyone but celebrities, it’s the fact that they are in the spotlight and the youth look up to these people. It’s a 24-hour job to be famous but that goes hand in hand with all the perks that are received when you are an A list celeb.

When you hear about something over and over again it turns into something “cool”, making it a trend. How will the younger generations distinguish between the good and bad….between what’s appropriate and what isn’t? A lot of reinforcement from parents and monitoring them seems to be the only way to guide children in the right direction, but it’s impossible to monitor someone all day, every day. Television has become shocking as the stations are giving more and more sexual and racy performances that aren’t being edited for younger viewers. You can still hear the notorious “beeps” as curse words aren’t aired, but we all can fill in the blanks…does it really help?

Last weekend during the VMA performances many people were disgusted with the live show put on by Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, not to mention the always shocking, Lady Gaga. I can say that I don’t usually watch those types of programs but after I heard so much hype about it, I had to see for myself what happened.

It was jaw dropping to say the least. People have been discussing the incidents in very heated debates ever since it aired. Topics ranged from their marital statuses and their behavior towards one another, the strange outfits and backup dancer costumes, all the way to the provocative moves that were displayed on stage for everyone to see. Is it okay to sing a hit song which has underlying meaning about drugs and rape and pair it with very inappropriate moves? Of course not! That should not have been aired on national TV and there will probably be a lot of backlash from it. But in a different sense, many will tune in next year in hopes of seeing something that is yet again, just as mind blowing. It’s a struggle for attention paired with morals, and it seems that morals are coming up short. Attention is being paid to those who performed at the VMAs as well as MTV for airing it. I guess it’s worth it to those who get paid for the acts to go above and beyond, but you can never get your old image back after that. Who you were is now a distant memory and the new you is what will be remembered.

I feel like my generation already has a bad reputation for not working as hard, or not respecting others or ourselves. I can say that’s true for some, but not all of us. Isn’t that the case with any generation though? Isn’t there always a group that lowers the expectations for everyone? I guess my generation just has a bigger group. If you see the trend then maybe that means each generation is going to be less and less respectful and more and more outrageous. In the news you hear of innocent people being killed because the teenagers were simply bored and then you have the case where the teens jumped a war hero in his 80s just to see what death looked like. What is the world coming to? It’s scary to think that we could be going in a bad direction and that our own personal demons seem to be winning. Who knows what the world will be like in the next 20 years but I for one am scared of the direction we are taking. We all need to hold ourselves to higher standards and work for a better tomorrow.

By Kristen Harris