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Trojans offense overpowers Holt 61-35

Posted on Monday, October 8, 2018 at 4:48 pm

Junior Chase Nash leads the Trojans onto the field for their annual Pink Night Sept. 21. Madison Bates photo

By Madison Bates
Troy Buchanan High School

After a 56-21 loss to the Francis Howell Vikings on Friday, Sept. 21, the Troy Buchanan Trojans made a quick turn around with a win of 61-35 against Holt on Sept. 28, bringing their record for the season up to 4-2.

“I love that [football] is the ultimate team sport, you can’t have one guy doing something, you have to have all of the guys doing something,” said Gabriel Ferguson, senior, defensive end and tight end.

The Trojans, led by Head Coach Ryan Nesbitt, have an overall record of 32-115 since 2004. Nesbitt has been the TBHS coach since 2013.

“I grew up playing football. My dad’s a football coach, and my mom and my aunt,” Nesbitt said. “I started playing flag football in second grade, I played tackle football in sixth or seventh grade, and I’ve been playing ever since.”

The Trojans rank 82 overall in the state of Missouri, as of October 2. The team hopes to keep up a winning streak that will lead them toward victory.

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