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Troy aldermen address water issues, discuss primary seat belt use ordinance

Posted on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 10:14 am

At a public hearing held Dec. 2, the Troy Board of Aldermen discussed an ordinance concerning water rates.

Present for the meeting were Aldermen Janet Bass, Ron Sconce, Lisa Anderson, Margaret Eversmeyer, Ron Walters, Dennis Detert and Mayor Mark Cross.

The purpose of the Public Hearing was for citizen input on Ordinance No. 1180 regarding minimum base rates.

There was no citizen input. Immediately following the hearing, the regular meeting was held.

Mayor Cross read the proposed bill (No. 1210 as Ordinance 1197). Aldermen Detert did not agree with outside ownership of meters and that all meters should be the property of the city. Discussion ensued that the proposed ordinance addresses the two meters not currently owned by the City and the maintenance thereof. Alderman Anderson made a motion, seconded by Alderman Walters to adopt Bill No. 1210 as Ordinance 1197. Motion carried 5-1.

Mayor Cross read Bill No. 1211, an ordinance amending sections on seat belts creating primary seatbelt enforcement within the city. Alderman Walters proposed Bill No. 1211 on several points of children’s safety and as crime deterrent of additional probable cause if seatbelt violations were changed from secondary to primary. Chief Taylor concurred that safety was the priority, seatbelts were the law and the small fine associated with the violation was not the point. Discussion ensued that safety was always a concern but should government regulate the right to choice. Further discussion postponed to next meeting.

Alderman Sconce made a motion, seconded by Alderman Bass to authorize the mayor to sign consent agreement with AT&T Inc. and Crown Castle International Corp in regard to transactions associated with AT&T Tower Portfolio including Crown Castle’s management and operation of the portfolio regarding cell tower lease on Monroe Street in the City of Troy. Vote was unanimous.