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Troy board awards solid waste contract

Posted on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 11:54 am

New board members Ron Walters, Ron Sconce, Lisa Anderson and Dennis Detert

City of Troy retained Christian Environmental Services as the residential solid waste collector for another three years. The approved their bid at their April 15 meeting after a review of  all the bids.

City Clerk Jodi Schneider read the Bid Review Committee’s recommendation.

The board chose Alternate 3 from Christian. This will include:  1xper week trash, 1x per week recycling, 1xper week yard waste, a 95 gal cart for trash and a 65 gal cart for recycling (labeled “Option1D Alternative Bid-Option 1C Bid Quote” by bidder) $16.75 per household/month/first year/$17.00-second year/$17.50-third year/$18.00-fourth year/$18.00-fifth year.

Several questions were directed to Patrick McLaughlin, president of Christian Environmental Services, on the value-added leaf vacuum service option and recycling guide/program.  There was debate on choosing a once per week trash pickup (recycling-environmentally friendly and safety with less frequent trash trucks on City streets) versus twice per week trash pickup (extra trash at holidays).  A household could optionally add $3.00 per month for an additional toter if desired. Newly elected Alderman Ron Walters questioned the move to only one pickup per week.  The bid was accepted by a 5-1 vote (Walters voting no.) The authorized Mayor Mark Cross to enter into a contract with Christian.

City Clerk Jodi Schneider swore in New Aldermen:  Alderman Ron Sconce, Alderman Lisa Anderson, Alderman Dennis Detert and Alderman Ron Walters. Alderman Margaret Eversmeyer was elected as the board president.

Doug Rucker, a visitor, requested of the board for use of Field 1 in Fairgrounds Park for the Church Softball League.  Rucker originally requested the use of Fields 3 and 4 for the league at the Park Board March 2013 mandatory field usage meeting.  However, he  just recently discovered that the league no longer had use of a third field at a different location necessitating the need to use Field 1 in addition to Fields 3 and 4.   Rucker explained that this request would be a one-time, one-year proposal as the now-known conflict could be resolved for next year’s league play.   The board approved allowing the church league to use Field I . The vote was 5-1 with Alderman Eversmeyer voting no.

The board passed an amendment to the ordinance covering go-carts and unlicensed vehicles in its entirety with a 5-1 vote. Lisa Anderson cast the negative vote.  Prior to the vote, Attorney Jesse  Granneman explained the bill had been reviewed by Police Chief Taylor and sponsored by Alderman Bass to allow licensed drivers of motorized bicycles, skateboards and scooters equipped with safety equipment including helmets the ability to ride on city streets.  Section 340.115 did not allow any travel along roadways but more requests by citizens prompted the bill proposal.   State regulations govern licensing of golf carts, no travel on highways and cc’s of electric powered vehicles, segways, etc.  Alderman Anderson asked the reason to include motorized skateboards in the bill and the response was motorized skateboards fall into the category of two or four wheeled vehicles.

Chamber Director Kerry Klump requested to hold a special event, Movies in the Park, on June 15 and Aug. 17, on Soccer Field A in Fairgrounds Park (Aug. 17 date is contingent upon agreement with soccer league for field use).   this was approved.

Alderman Detert mentioned the conflicts taking place between Planning & Zoning Committee and Board of Aldermen first of the month meetings.  After discussing possible solutions, Building Commissioner David Lindsey offered to change the Planning & Zoning meeting to a different weekday to avoid conflict.  Aldermen Detert and Walters are both on Planning & Zoning Committee currently and Alderman Detert opted to remove himself and find a replacement.

Treasurer Flinn asked the Board to consider several dates to schedule FY2014 Budget Workshop of May 8, May 14 or May 15.  The Board of Aldermen collectively set the Budget Workshop for May 8, 2013 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

Items approved under the consent agenda included:

• Approved Troy Movie House Permit for the construction of an expansion located at 1436 S. Main Street

• Approved MOST, Inc. Permit for new office at 50 Cherry Blossom Way

• Approved Lincoln County R-III School District site plan for Claude Brown Elementary Parking Expansion located at 700 W. College Street