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Troy Buchanan band marches toward end of successful season

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 9:37 am

The Troy Buchanan Marching Band and color guard roll down the street during the school’s homecoming parade. 

Troy Buchanan High School

Placing in nearly every competition, the Troy Buchanan High School band has taken the 2018-19 competition season head on.

With a grand champion title and many other competitive awards, the band shows potential for the close of this year’s season and the years to come.

“The band season has gone pretty well,” junior Maxwell Gessert said. “Despite the loss of our seniors this year, there is a lot of promising potential with the freshmen and sophomores who are moving up.”

Students made the decision to join either the band or the choir in fifth grade.

“I joined band mostly because it’s really, really fun, and because it was a choice between band and choir, and band just was more appealing to me,” senior Cari Green said. When the decision to join band is made, students have the opportunity to test out and select the instrument they wish to play.

“I play the clarinet and the saxophone, which are both woodwind instruments,”said  sophomore Alex Skillman. “I chose them because you can improve, learn and play around with them, and it is very competitive.”

Though from the outside it may seem easy, band comes with many difficulties for new students who aren’t familiar with music.

“Band is not necessarily difficult, it just takes a lot of determination from an individual,” Gessert said. “What really poses a challenge is that we have to learn the language of music and the hours that are put in during practice during the summer.”

For the most part, once students reach high school and are introduced to marching band, it gets a little more challenging.

“It’s difficult during the marching season because it’s like dancing,” Green said.

“You have to choreograph every single moment, except you’re choreographing it with around a hundred people and having to memorize the music at the same time.”

Though it has proven itself to be a challenge to many, students have found a love for band.

“It teaches me a lot of things,” Skillman said. “Band encourages me to work harder, improve my work ethic, and I get to travel around to other schools and talk to people from all around.”

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