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Troy Buchanan Choral and Drama departments bring Tarzan to the stage

Posted on Monday, December 2, 2013 at 8:38 am

The musical came to an end with “Two Worlds” being performed by the entire company and ending with Tarzan beating his chest and shouting, “Ahahhahhahh.”

The musical came to an end with “Two Worlds” being performed by the entire company and ending with Tarzan beating his chest and shouting, “Ahahhahhahh.”

Once again the students and staff involved in the choral department at Troy Buchanan High School have outdone themselves with their annual fall musical. This year’s musical took audience members on a journey into the African jungle with “Tarzan”, which emphasized the importance of family and delivered a positive message about finding one’s place in the world.

The TBHS rendition of Tarzan began with images of a large ship being tossed about on the sea playing on a large screen followed by images of the ship crashing in a torrent of imagery and music. As the curtains drew back audience members were introduced to Kala, Tarzan’s soon to be ape mother played by Amanda Preston, Kerchak, Kala’s mate and the leader of the ape family, played by Steven Lyle, and Tarzan’s human parents played by Tyler Williamson and Jessica Onove. Tragedy strikes both sets of parents as a leopard played by Kourtney Mudd takes the life of Kala and Kerchak’s baby as well as Tarzan’s parents leaving the infant to fend for himself. Kala then finds the infant and names him Tarzan much to the dismay of Kerchak who fears humans.

A young Tarzan played by Carson Dantzler gets by, by living with the apes thanks to his dear friend Terk played by Gabby Collinson. Kerchak lets his fear of humans become known when he makes Kala choose between the family and Tarzan forcing Kala to raise a young Tarzan on her own.

A mature Tarzan played by Nick Guyot emerges with the ability to wield fire and create knots and simple tools bewildering a grown Terk played by Amy Jones and eventually impressing Kerchak enough to allow Tarzan back into the family after he protects the ape family by killing the panther with a knife he made.

The audience was then introduced to flora and fauna loving Jane Porter played by Kiera Loveless as Tarzan rescues her from the web of a man-eating spider. Interest and intrigue race through the couple as they try desperately to understand one and other. Jane informs her father Mr. Porter played by, Cameron Battle, a professor studying the African jungles, of her ape man and instantly has his attention as he came to Africa to study apes and prove they live in family groups. Clayton, the groups guide played by Tyler Cobillas, also welcomes this news as he wants nothing more than to bring apes back to England with him to sell to zoos for a handsome sum.

The love between Jane and Tarzan grows and a decision must be made either Tarzan has to leave with Jane or Jane has to stay with Tarzan. An ensuing fight between Clayton and Tarzan to protect the ape family after Clayton shoots Kerchak determines Tarzan’s destiny, as he must now stay with his family. Jane eventually realizes that she too will stay and live life in the jungle with Tarzan whom she has come to love.