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Troy city board continue research for ordinance setting percentage of subdivision completion prior to city’s acceptance of streets

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 10:10 am

The Troy Board of Aldermen will continue their research towards development of an ordinance on what percentage of a subdivision needs to be completed before the city accepts dedication of streets.

Alderman Lisa Anderson stated a need for additional time to research proposed procedures for addressing Requests for dedication after comparing the City’s 18-page subdivision ordinance with other municipalities’ subdivision ordinances, consisting in some cases of up to 136 pages. Most of the examples use time-driven methods of addressing how far along a subdivision needs to be completed before accepting the streets and requirements for escrow account and/or warranty period until completed.

City Attorney Jesse Granneman stated the city’s ordinance directs that before approval of the final plat, the developer has to guarantee to complete improvements in order to accept final plat and dedication of streets.

David Thornhill expressed to the board, based on further research, that his capacity was to buy lots in Meadow Ridge subdivision and he did not want the role of developer. Presently, the developer of Meadow Ridge is its neighborhood association and it was up to the association to request dedication from the city. Also Thornhill did not think the bank could have asked for dedication without 100 percent agreement from the Neighborhood Association as had been requested at the last board meeting. He agreed to participate in a workshop to develop procedures for dedication of streets and encourage all interested developers to attend.

Police Chief Jeff Taylor requests the board appoint Major Raymond Floyd as the contact person/requester and authorize Attorney Granneman to execute/sign the requests made of seized assets/interagency sharing of seized assets involving the DEA and Department of Justice which benefits the city. Alderman Sconce asked if there would be oversight in assets seized and items purchased with that money. Police Chief Taylor assured that recordkeeping procedures would be followed and there is no cost associated with this program. A motion was made, seconded and passed to appoint to accept Taylor’s recommendations

Public Works Superintendent Cunningham advised the Board that Alan Harrell had been re-hired as Temporary Seasonal Worker—Cemetery Department.

Alderman Bass made a motion, seconded by Alderman Anderson to authorize Alderman Sconce to contact Public Water Sewer District #2 to advise that the City of Troy does not have any additional hookups beyond the 160 referenced in the contract for sewer.