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Troy elected officials sworn in for new terms, sales deposits down

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 9:49 am

City Clerk Jodi Schneider swore in Mark Cross (above left) and Aldermen (below from left): Ron Walters, Margaret Eversmeyer and Janet Bass, into their offices. They were re-elected by voters on April 8.

City Clerk Jodi Schneider swore in Mark Cross (above left) and Aldermen (below from left): Ron Walters, Margaret Eversmeyer and Janet Bass, into their offices. They were re-elected by voters on April 8.

Troy city-aldermen

Mark Cross was sworn in to a second term as Mayor of Troy as well as three current aldermen who won re-election.

Following acceptance of the official election returns, City Clerk Jodi Schneider administered the oaths of office to Cross and to Janet Bass, Ward I; Margaret Eversmeyer, Ward II and Ron Walters, Ward III. The board then elected Eversmeyer to another term as president.

Under visitor’s comments, Karen Curt was present to inquire of the probabilities of the city accepting two streets including Summersong Lane. The discussion included the streets are too narrow and are not paved. In addition, Mayor Cross said it could be hard to address unless all property owners agree. Research will be conducted to determine if the street has actually been formally dedicated. Curt wants to develop this ground.

Under department head reports, sales tax deposits for April were 2.06 percent less than deposits one year ago, said City Treasurer Linda Flinn. The one percent local sales tax was 1.78 percent less ($172,505.23 compared to $175,627.14). Deposits from the one-half percent transportation tax were $81,011.99 compared to $83,600.99 last April. Deposits from the one-half capital improvement sale totaled $86,234.80, 1.63 percent less than the $87,667.96 last spring. Flinn said overall, sales tax deposits for this fiscal year are still ahead by 1.77 percent compared to Fiscal Year 2013.

Chief Jeff Taylor said his department received six parking violations during the recent citywide yard sale with only one citation being issued. The police are getting new personal information emergency cards from the health department to use during a natural disaster or any emergency situation which would involve multiple agencies coming together. The cards will be a NIMS identification card. There is a new policy for officer complaint and disciplinary action will ensure every complaint will be fully investigated. Taylor is nearing completion of a strategic plan which will outline goals for the next five years.

Taylor said the “Stranger Danger” presentations will begin May 5 and will end May 20 which will cover about every elementary school in Lincoln County. The prosecutor’s office will be participating.

Public Works Superintendent Clint Cunningham said over 10 tons of asphalt and 30 cubic yards of concrete were placed in pothole patching and/or full repairs. A storm sewer collapsed on Cap-au-Gris and crews cleaned up storm debris from recent storms. Over 2,500 feet of sewer main and seven manholes were inspected. Over 2,500 feet of sewer main were cleaned.

Building Commissioner David Lindsey reported Barbara Heimann has resigned from the P and Z Commission so the commission will have to appoint a new vice-president.

Under the park board report, it was noted that part of the pavilion in Fairgrounds Park was down. The original octagon structure is staying up but the portion that is rented out where the picnic tables has been torn down due to unsafe condition of the roof. Mayor Mark Cross was authorized by the aldermanic board (at their meeting) to assess the conditions inside the octagon to determine if the city would continue to rent it. It was determined not to rent it out but allow usage of the picnic area on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis.

Assessment was made about the slides in the playground equipment in regards to safety concerns. Also, trails in the park system need to be resurfaced.

The aldermanic board set May 14 at 6 p.m. as a budget workshop. Public invited to attend.

It was determined that changes to the current mobile home ordinance need to be reviewed and Alderman Ron Sconce volunteered to sponsor this ordinance. There was much discussion about occupancy and property maintenance. This brought out a large group of rental property owners who wanted both more information and an opportunity to express their ideas and concerns.

“This was placed on the agenda after the city received calls of people concerned about the about of trash and conditions of some properties in Troy,” answered Mayor Cross when asked why this was on the agenda.