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Troy show choir warming up for competition

Posted on Monday, October 8, 2018 at 4:29 pm

Express students practice their music for their upcoming competitions. Mardi Berryman photo

By Mardi Berryman
Troy Buchanan High School

Troy Buchanan’s  varsity show choir, Express, has been working hard since the beginning of the school year to prepare for their upcoming competitions in January. Although January may seem far away, for these students, it will come too soon.

“[The season will start] usually in January and will run through March, and it will occasionally creep into April,” Andrew Drinkall, Director of Choral Activities and Performing Arts Department Chair, said.

The TBHS choral department has always performed well in whatever they are doing. Whether it is just the high school choirs singing at concerts or if it is the show choirs competing across many cities, TBHS choirs have earned themselves a well deserved reputation of success.

“Every year is a little bit different, but I can say of the 22 years that I have been here, ever since about year four they have been consistent finalists in the competitions that we have gone to,” said Drinkall. “There may be 20 to 30 groups of the day and they choose the top five or six to go in the finals at night and Express is typically in those finals.”

Practices are one of the most vital aspects to maintaining the reputation that Express has earned. Express students practice both in class every other day and late nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“It’s a lot of hard work and dedication, there are some days we are at practice for nine hours learning choreography, but the outcome is amazing,” Dakota Martin, TBHS Senior, said.

The bonds that are built between these students are like that of no other. Show choir is an escape, a freedom and most importantly a home.

“I feel extremely blessed to be a part of an extremely great group of people,” Martin said. “Show choir will always be my safe place.”

The show choir season will officially return in January. Every year the competition grows stronger, but Express still pursues greatness as they are constantly improving themselves and their abilities.

“It is always a toss up, it depends who you are competing against. We are taking them into some very difficult competitions, like on a national scale,” Drinkall said. “I think that they will do well. The talent is a little bit younger this year, which is always a little bit of a challenge, but we made the groups a little bit bigger this year, so I think that they will do fine. We are throwing them into the lion’s den a little bit. There is some tough competitions that we are going to this year.”

Although they can never be sure of how the competition will perform the directors and students are all expecting a great outcome with this years competitions.

“Each year everyone is involved in show choir they have improved,” Brooke Thornburg, TBHS Junior, said. “I think we will do really good this season if everyone puts their heart into it.”

These talented students are constantly working hard to make sure that this season is one to remember. The dedication of this team is one that has and will continue to earn them the right to call themselves Express, the varsity of TBHS show choirs.

“It is the best feeling because I get to do what I love with people who love it just as much as I do,” Brooke Thornburg, TBHS junior, said. “Performing on stage and hearing the crowd scream for your group is something not everyone gets to experience but it’s truly amazing.”

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