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Troy Story provides assistance to those in need

Posted on Monday, July 29, 2013 at 8:58 am

I was afforded the opportunity this week to get to spend time with the amazing youth, their leaders, and local organizers of the Troy Story. For those of you who do not know what Troy Story is or was, Troy Story was a weeklong mission trip which brought 387 campers and their adult leaders from across the country to Troy to work on homes throughout the area. Local organizers have been working for two long years to bring Group Workcamps to the area and preparing for their arrival.

Their hard work and dedication has paid off as all the youth and their leaders as well as the workers from Group Workcamps, could not have been happier with the welcoming and warmth they received in Troy. For many of the campers in Troy this was not their first experience. It was as they told me over and over, however, the nicest stay they have ever had while participating in one of the camps. I was also repeatedly told that the rookies at Troy Story were getting spoiled and they would not soon forget the hospitality they received in Troy on future mission trips.

As a lifelong resident of Troy it was incredible to hear the affinity the campers and workers participating in Troy Story had for Troy and the hospitality they had received. It was also amazing to see the hard work and time these same people had put into improving the lives of so many residents in Lincoln County. It goes to show how wonderful our community can be through the work of dedicated citizens and as one of the adult leaders told me, how great the youth of America can be with a little guidance.

Though I was not directly related to any of those who received assistance through Troy Story and I did not have a hand in helping organize the event or any of the wonderful gifts provided for those who participated, I would like to thank all of those involved. So thank you to all of the churches, individuals, organizations and businesses for all the time, effort and financial support you generously donated to make the Troy Story possible. Thank you to the Lincoln County R-III School District and especially the staff responsible for preparing and maintaining Troy Buchanan High School for the volunteers who came to Troy. Finally, I want to thank all of those who gave up part of their summer to come to Troy and work in order to make the lives of residence in Lincoln County better. Without all of their hard work none of this would have been possible.

By Clint Mix