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Troy XC runners focus on workouts, team spirit

Posted on Monday, October 8, 2018 at 4:51 pm

Troy Cross Country teammates come together before a meet.
Photo by Lauren Conner

By Samantha Mueller
Troy Buchanan High School

With the changes to the Cross Country team in the 2018 season, new ideas and new opportunities for the athletes are being brought in from all sides.

“My favorite thing about being in Cross Country is it’s a lot like a small family, everyone pretty much cares for each other and you can always rely on one another,” Grayson Blue, junior at Troy Buchanan High School, said.

Cross Country is giving its athletes great opportunities to grow as individuals. While it is an individual sport, there is a need for team spirit.

“We work together a lot to do many of our things, like help each other [improve our] running.” sophomore Colten Gibson said.

With the growing of the team comes new ideas the students bring to the table to better equip the runners.

“The workload is a little bit different with the new coach coming [into the 2018 season],” Gibson, sophomore, said.

The workouts are getting longer, but they still manage to benefit the runners in their personal time.

“You can eat whatever you want, and it doesn’t affect you,” Carson Lemke, senior, said.

These students are running every day before or after school, some for the fun of it, but also for the practice and work out.

“You get into such good shape, and you meet new people,” Margan Vandeven, sophomore, said.

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