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Two different reactions to kidnappings

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 10:03 am

Kidnappings have been spreading across news outlets for quite some time now. Within the last two weeks I have come across several stories that leave you scratching your head…neither the same, but both make you step back and think.

The first article I encountered was more of a project. As several individuals got together to video a “fake kidnapping” at a local park in Washington. The child, and the parents were both in on it, but the other children at the playground and their caretakers didn’t know anything about it. With this said, it was a very interesting reaction that was recorded as a van pulled up, opened its doors and a man in a mask ran out grabbed a kid (the boy who was “in” on it) and threw him in the van and sped away. Other parents are taped running after the van, screaming for them to stop, and trying to get the license plate. The van made a circle to come back to the park to let the parents know that this was “just a test” to see how other parents would react and if people really cared about someone else’s children. The crew was not welcomed with open arms though as the mothers yelled, cried and demeaned the group who performed the experiment.

With results ending like that, it’s apparent that most parents do look after other children while in the park. It really shows the level of caring that someone can have. Parents are children’s protectors so this experiment was a little over the top as it toyed with emotions of something that could have been very real. The video can be seen on Youtube, just look up Fake Kidnapping.

I don’t agree with scaring people while trying to prove a point, but I think it was probably a huge eye opener for those who were at the park that day. You never know who is going to cross the line and do something that is out of your control. Make sure that young children are always with an adult at parks and don’t let them walk alone.

The second story was reported in Atlanta and has swept local news. A boy by the name of Willie Myrick was kidnapped from a driveway in Atlanta. A long three-hour drive became the criminal’s nightmare as Willie continually sang his favorite gospel song, Every Praise. During those three hours, Willie said he was told to stop singing over and over again. Eventually, he was kicked out of the vehicle and told not to tell anybody.

Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Hezekiah Walker, who performed Every Praise, heard the news and has been in touch with the boy and even came out to the church that Willie attends. They now have a special bond and both hold that particular song in their hearts as they feel it was the reason that Willie was able to see his 10th birthday just after the kidnapping.

It’s nice to hear stories where the “bad guy” doesn’t win, but just knowing that this type of act is happening more often (or at least hitting the news more) is a scary thing. Cherish every moment you have here. Cherish your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors as you never know when you might not see them again. Put aside differences and mend relationships that mean something to you.

By Kristen Harris