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Two old men and a chain saw…sounds like a bargain to me

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 8:27 am

By Billy D. Phillips

Watch out, folks!  There they go again—two old men with a chain saw and a can of gas.

They don’t advertise; someone might hire them.  You cannot tell when they will be back, but one thing is for sure, it will not be before they finish the job they set out to do.  They know it’s gonna hurt, but they’ll do it anyway.

“Why do they do it?” one may ask, and there is no simple answer.

They are not rich, but they believe the Bible’s promise that “sufficient unto the day are the needs thereof,” so it is not for money.

They don’t blow what little money they have.   But when it comes to the chain saw, they want to be sure that it will work as hard as they do, so they keep it in tip-top condition.

Just recently they went out to cut a couple of trees.  For fire wood? No, the trees blocked a park-like view, and at this time in their lives, a beautiful scene is worth more—far more—than a trip to the zoo or anywhere else.

First, a limb across the nose of one of those old guys, then a bigger limb falling on the foot of the other, causing some real pain, did not slow their pace.  Maybe he didn’t realize that it actually caused some serious damage to his foot, but he just kept going and going.  You can’t hire a guy like that!

Some people have a lot of money.  But to have a friend and neighbor like that, one who doesn’t let the pain slow him down, is something that cannot be bought with money.

When they see the two old men coming with a chain saw, it seems that the trees no longer resist.  They have served their purposes, so they seem to willingly give way to a new and better day.

These two old men know that the time will come when their time and purpose will have been served and a better world is waiting.

Life has not been easy for either man, and though not without their faults, they have always paid their fair share of time, energy, and pain for their slice of freedom, peace, and joy.  That freedom, peace, and joy are available to any hard working man or woman who is willing to pay the price for the freedom we have in America.

Sounds like a bargain to me.  I think I’ll grab my chain saw.