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Volunteers get the job done at county fair

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 8:47 am

The Lincoln County Fair is considered by many as being one of the best county fairs annually held in Missouri. The event attracts not only county residents but take a look at the out of state license plates on the vehicles at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

I took in the events of the fair beginning with the queen coronation Saturday and one can’t get through any of the events without witnessing a dedicated corps of volunteers. The queen committee coordinated their nine candidates several weeks prior to the coronation, choreographing and putting together a great couple hours of entertainment. Unless you are a participant, you probably didn’t encounter nor appreciate the work of Megan McQuoid and her committee who organized the parade.

Each night at the fairgrounds, the job of the parking attendants assisting drivers is the first corps of another group of citizens volunteering their time. With the number of cars coming, it would be chaotic if not for a coordinated effort. A third group of county residents greet the crowd, taking tickets and directing people to the specific areas of entertainment. Volunteers in the kitchen were put to the task early in the week, cooking and working together in the heat, filling orders without the air conditioners working. No one complained as they performed their duties.

How many events could not be staged if there weren’t volunteers, sacrificing their time? How about the men and women who assist the youth showing their animals during the livestock shows.

I could go on and on but space doesn’t allow. I want you to know….your efforts are appreciated and volunteers, you make Lincoln County proud!

By Bob Simmons