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Welding Lab open for enrollment

Posted on Monday, February 10, 2014 at 8:56 am

Welding Lab

The Welding Lab offers students, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, the ability to learn the trade of welding in a safe and secure environment and under the instruction of a skilled welder. Pictured above are two of the welding booths students use to practice making welds as well as a band saw and other tools students learn to use while at the Welding Lab.

The Welding Lab is now open and accepting high school aged students that are enrolled in Troy Holiness School, Tri-County Christian Home Schoolers and high school aged home-schooled students as well. The Welding Lab is located in a building once used as a bus barn on the campus of Troy Holiness Church, which they graciously allow Otto Filsinger to use for instruction.

Filsinger’s course, welding technology, is designed to cover the theory, fundamentals and basic processes along with the practical applications that build skills and techniques for welders. Students enrolled in the course will learn safety in welding, proper use and operation of shop equipment, welding theory, identification of metals, oxy-acetylene cutting, plasma cutting, oxy-acetylene welding and brazing, shield metal arc welding (stick welding), gas metal arc welding (mig welding), gas tungsten arc welding (tig) and inspections and testing of welds.

He has graciously provided all the tools students will use while in the Welding Lab and has also set up four welding booths, expandable to six if needed, for students to practice their welds as well as a test booth where student’s welding skills will be tested.

Filsinger mastered the art of welding through courses he attended at the University of Missouri, Hannibal-Lagrange College and Hobart School of Welding Technology. He also taught welding for a number of years at Lewis and Clark Technical School and at the General Motors facility in Wentzville in their High Tech department.

The classes run for eight weeks and are available to students on Tuesday and Thursday. Students interested in the course or parents interested in enrolling their students in the course may schedule an interview by contacting Mr. Filsinger by phone at 314-581-4617.