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What happens in Vegas….goes in my column

Posted on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 8:29 am

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….until I tell all the secrets that is. Well, lets face it, being a newly married couple that just purchased their first house, we couldn’t do a whole lot of “Vegas” stuff. We took our three-day vacation (which we won from a radio station as a honeymoon) and just took in the new surroundings. We were out and walking the Las Vegas strip every chance we could…we had to take some breaks since our feet didn’t allow as much walking as the daylight did. It was a blast being able to see all the different cultures together. We saw many questionable things…some we can laugh at, some that just leave you with a puzzled look, and others we wish we hadn’t seen at all.

All in all, it was a great trip. I learned a lot along the way…here are some of the things I discovered while in Vegas.

1). Spare change is useless unless you are donating it to the “tip” jars. The casino only gives you change, it never takes it.

2). All doors to enter into a mall, casino, hotel…whatever it is, they are all heavy! I felt like I needed a running start to make it all the way through. I’m not too sure as to why they are designed this way but it seemed that every door we walked through was like that.

3). You always have to be ready to say “no thank you” to all the “hustlers” on the street that are trying to sell you tickets to a show, or have you sign up for something. You never know what you are getting yourself into when you sign up for anything off the streets. It’s best to just be polite and keep walking.

4). Speaking of walking, be prepared to be plowed over, pushed, and shoved out of the way if the line is going too slow. Don’t be timid when it comes to the crowds.

5). Don’t ever expect to win in the casino. If you do, you will be let down. Consider it a small holiday if you get some money back from the machines.

6). Food is everywhere! It seems the minute you are getting hungry restaurants start popping up out of the woodwork. It’s not cheap to eat in Vegas (compared to Lincoln County) and the portion sizes are HUGE, which in turn, made me feel wasteful. We didn’t have a refrigerator in the hotel room so we couldn’t save our leftover meals.

7). It’s common to see dance offs on the sidewalk at night. It provides entertainment and also gives the dancers a chance to practice while earning some of your spare change.

8). Music seems to play in every nook and cranny of Vegas (along the strip anyway). I noticed that instinctively most people walk to the beat of the music. This was great when an upbeat song was on and you were in a hurry, but not so fun when it was a slower song and couldn’t seem to break the cycle to pass those who were in the trance.

9). You can’t trust cartoon characters…especially the ones that smell like alcohol.

10). Finally, you can never see everything. No matter how hard you try, Vegas is a very diverse place with many different types of shows and entertainers for all tastes. The nightlife is always different you never know what you are going to run into.

I was happy to come back after being away from our small town lives. Traffic in Troy never seems as bad when you get back from a big city. Although, I do miss the weather already (upper 90’s with low humidity). I can say that if we ever get a chance to go back to Vegas I want to experience a few of the shows. It wasn’t a relaxing vacation by any means, but we got to get away and see a whole new world. I don’t recommend it as a family getaway but it can be fun for adults.

By Kristen Harris