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When do you know it’s “the one”?

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2012 at 9:26 am

For the past few weeks my husband and I have been combing the Lincoln County area for our “dream house.” I have looked at just about everything that’s in our price range online and in person. It has been very tiresome and slightly annoying, but over all, a good experience.

The first thing that I noticed while looking for that special place was that most of the houses that are on the market now have a VERY similar layout. I’m not saying that this is a bad layout, but I wanted something different, a split bedroom floor plan, a kitchen with enough cabinets, anything that would set it apart from all the rest. I only found a few that I liked enough to go back to, but I didn’t fall for them too hard since it’s a very long process and a gamble with every offer.

I was told by several people that once you walk into a house, you just know that it’s “the one.” Well, I was also told that same thing about my wedding dress. I didn’t know 100 percent about my dress after I had it on, or about any of the houses that we viewed.

There were things in each house that stood out to me; some were better than others. One of my main concerns was the kitchen …it had to have enough counter space for me to prepare a meal on (in other words…enough space to make a mess on). Most of the houses had very small kitchens but made up for it with a finished basement, giant master bedroom closet, or a well-kept backyard. So nothing was fully clicking with me until we found a house with a decent size kitchen, walk-in master bedroom closets, and a fenced backyard. The first thing I noticed was the layout…it wasn’t like all the rest. SUCCESS! Well, I thought so anyway, it seemed to be a pipe dream up until that point. I was just looking for different. The kitchen was full of cabinets and counter space and the wood floors and vaulted ceilings made for a spacious living area. I followed my husband into the master bedroom and I saw him smile (I think he knew that it was “the one”). The bedroom had a four-piece bathroom and a good size closet to add to the layout.

So after viewing 10 or so houses after our “favorite” we decided to stick with it. We are now in the negotiation stages and are gearing up for a long road of inspections and painting (hopefully). It’s a very exciting, and overwhelming time for us but we are so happy to finally make the next move on our own. We have done all the planning, saving and research that we could before hand and are now just waiting to see if this path is the one that we should take. If not, more open houses and house hunting will be in our future, and of course…paperwork! Don’t ever settle for something you don’t love, especially something with a price tag the size of a house. It’s never easy to know when it’s the right choice but sometimes you have to take chances and watch them unfold into something bigger.

By Kristen Harris