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Wild Trophies Taxidermy offers the best quality with award winning techniques

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 8:42 am

Wild Trophies Taxidermy School combines all the information and skill you need to know in order to become a taxidermist in a shorter period of time so that you can put your knowledge to use faster.

Owner, Bruce Owens, started his passion for taxidermist when he was just a young boy. He traveled all around the United States learning new techniques, and styles from his friends and employers.

Bruce entered into taxidermy competitions to show his skills and has been hooked ever since. He has won dozens of taxidermy awards to prove his competence. Bruce specializes in birds and has won the highest-ranking awards in the Masters Division category.

Bruce has taken the time to brush up on his skills and discover even more techniques since 2003 to stay current. Since he acquires knowledge from many states and takes taxidermy very seriously he has been awarded many highly ranked prizes and honors and is willing to share his secrets at his Wild Trophies Taxidermy School.

For more information on Wild Trophies Taxidermy School and how to become a student please contact Bruce Owens at 636-295-2214 or 636-566-8949 or email Bruce at bruce350@centurytelnet.