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William Cappel Elementary recieves new track thanks to a $10,000 grant

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 at 10:06 am

Last year William Cappel Elementary was awarded a $10,000 grant from the St. Louis Rams through the NFL Play 60 Super School Program to be used for their health and wellness program and any necessary exercise equipment. After much discussion and debate the William Cappel PE teacher, Jodi Musterman, came up with the idea for a track. Jodi said the idea for a track was simple. A track would allow students to run and walk on a safe smooth surface during school and provide a safe place for the community to walk in the afternoons and weekends. The middle of the track will be used as a football and soccer field.

William Cappel students using the new track.

William Cappel students using the new track.

The track was completed and opened to students at William Cappel Elementary on October 3, with pull up bars and sit up benches to be added to two corners of the track at a later date. Students were eager to get outside and run around the track during recess. Sarah Spence said, “I’m gonna use it (the track) a whole lot at recess. I’m super excited about the track.” Another student, Carter Holloway, said, “I’m glad we got to use our money and I’m really excited about running around the track.”

Jodi Musterman has not stopped looking for ways to improve William Cappel Elementary through grants either. She received a $1,000 grant through Gen Youth to start a walking program and another $1,000 grant through Fuel Up to Play 60 to start a healthy snack shack. Students will have more opportunities to make healthy snack decisions through the healthy snack shack. Musterman feels students are more prone to listen and learn when they exercise and eat properly. She is determined to continue working hard to provide a fun and healthy environment for students.