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Winfield High School welcomes Eric Alderson as new high school principal

Posted on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 11:56 am

A special meet and greet was held prior to the June 17 Winfield Board Meeting to introduce the High School’s new principal, Eric Alderson. Alderson is eager to begin his full time position with the district as he steps into the next chapter of his career. He worked in the Wright City district as a high school business teacher for two years, then moved to the Francis Howell district for the past eight years where he also worked with the summer school program for the last four years. Two of those summer school years, last year and this year, Alderson has taken on the roll of principal for over 600 students for their full recovery and enrichment programs.

“I’m really excited to begin work with the high school staff,” Alderson said. “Jennifer (Timmons) has been great showing me what the high school already has in place and I am thrilled to see the bar already set so high. I’m coming into the position as principal and have a job to do, and that job is to maintain the excellence and take it even further as we grow.”

Alderson is currently still working with the Francis Howell district as he prepares to finish up the summer school program but has been making the commute to Winfield to train for his first position as full time principal. “I’m ready to build roots here,” Alderson said as he explained his passion for the district. “It was God’s good grace that lead me to this position and it was just what I was looking for and

needed. I’m very appreciative to Nancy Baker, and the rest of the hiring staff and school board members who are taking a chance on me.”

Alderson plans on working towards getting students caught up with their schoolwork by offering alternative course work for students who are struggling. “This course work will not be easy, but will help students who continually miss class for one reason or another. My goal is to not cheapen the diploma. Many districts work towards having a high graduation rate, but the amount of knowledge that is taken from the school to graduate is not at the level it should be. We don’t just want to be meeting numbers, we want our students to be successful when they leave Winfield.” He also wants to start mock EOC (End of Course) exams quarterly so the students are more prepared for the testing. Alderson said the students who are at risk for falling through the cracks will be a high priority. He wants to begin home visits and get the students any help that they can provide to get them caught up with schoolwork and on the right track to graduating with a bright future.

Alderson added, “I really want to thank God for the opportunity here at Winfield. I have a wonderful wife who is very supportive and my three beautiful kids that have been my backbone throughout this process. We are all very excited about this opportunity I have been given. I pray that I can be the leader that they need me to be and that we can do great things as a district together.”

Alderson lives in Foristell with his wife, Trish, and three children, Aiden, 11, Ethan, 9, and Alaina, 7.