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Winfield Primary hosts 4th Annual Picnic

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2013 at 9:11 am

Parents and students gathered at the Winfield Primary building on Friday, May 10 for the Fourth Annual Winfield Primary

Second grade teacher Ms. Fietsam watches in anticipation as students throw balls at a target trying to dunk her.

School Picnic. The school uses the picnic as a way to give back to the community.

Organized by Hope Dye and Amy Davis and under the supervision of Principal, Erica Dixon, the picnic features many fun activities for the children. There was a blow up bounce house, an obstacle course, a cakewalk, a dunking booth, balloon animals, cotton candy, face painting, hot dogs and chips along with ice cream sandwiches donated by Dairy Queen of O’Fallon. Staff members of Winfield Primary willingly gave their time to work the different activities.

A big hit with the kids was the dunking booth where they were given a chance to dunk various teachers for a small fee. All of the money raised from the dunking booth went to the food pantry at the First Baptist Church of Winfield. Any other money raised from the event will go to next years picnic fund and to the school to help teachers purchase items for their classroom that may not fit in the budget.

The Winfield Police Department, Lincoln County Ambulance District, and Lincoln County Fire and Rescue were also on hand to talk to both parents and students. Lieutenant Timmy King and Travis Todd of the Winfield Foley Fire Protection District were on hand with the county’s Fire Safety House. Travis Todd was dressed in his full fire suit to show the students what a firefighter would look like in a real emergency and discussed what to do in case of a real emergency. The Fire Safety House could then be filled with fog to simulate smoke and the students crawled along the ground until being allowed to climb out of a window. Once they reached the window they were helped down by Lieutenant King and greeted by their parents.

The event was an overall success and the Winfield Primary School plans on having a picnic next year. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Dye said that they may even have a district wide picnic one day.