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Winfield School District sets 2013-2014 meal prices, summer school days and schedules final makeup days

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 9:28 am

The R-IV School District has set new dates to makeup for the three snow days that occurred during the winter weather. The

Pictured are Kristopher Creamer, Gavin Lewis and Dominic Ohlms with Kristen Burkemper.

makeup days will be May 20, 21, and May 22 will be a half day of class and the final day of the school year. Previous half day, May 17 will now be a full day of classes.

Summer school has been scheduled for 19 days beginning May 23 – June 21. There will be no meals provided or transportation to cut costs during the summer. Students will have a designated mealtime where they will eat their lunches that they bring. A new program will begin this summer welcoming new Kindergarten students into the district. Kindergarten students who have not been able to socialize as much with other children or might be slightly behind can go to the 19 days of summer school to get a prep course in what to expect during Kindergarten. This will help the students to be on the same page as they begin school and help those who might struggle or fall behind.

Meal prices have been set for the 2013-2014 school year. An increase of five cents will be added to tray lunches. This makes breakfast for K-12 $1.60, reduced breakfast $0.30 and adults $1.80. Lunches for K-12 will now be $2.50, reduced lunches $0.40 and adults $2.70. This will keep the district with the federal guidelines. They have chosen not to raise the price of milk this year, keeping it at $0.35 for an extra milk.

Representatives from LJ Hart & Company presented a few options for early repayment on bonds that were passed in 2010 and 2012. The options for the early repayment can help the district save anywhere from $664,655.00 to $1,141,471.00 depending on how fast the payment process would be. This presentation was just informative and no decisions were made. These numbers were based on many factors such as interest rates remaining low, and the upcoming bond issue passing. More information will be presented when the board is ready to make a final decision.

A total of 1,242 items have been recovered of old sporting gear (jerseys, bags, jackets, etc.), t-shirts, and other items that are no longer needed in the district and have been made surplus items so a garage sale can be scheduled. These items are no longer in rotation for the students to be using and would be great keepsakes for alumni and current students who would like to take a piece of Winfield history with them. A date has not yet been set for the garage sale.

After an election, it is state regulation to have a board meeting within seven days of the polls closing. A special board meeting is planned for Wednesday, April 4, at 8 p.m. at the district office conference room.

Overall attendance is still above the 95 percent goal that the district has set. There are still 188 students with perfect attendance and 995 students who have missed five days or less. Discipline is down across the board in all buildings, and even cut in half from last year’s total on the bus routes.

Recognitions were presented to the following students for their outstanding Warrior Way and leadership in the school. Primary – Dominic Ohlms; Kristopher Creamer; Edward Heggemann; Gavin Lewis for being the “Jump Rope for Life” top fundraisers. Middle School – Zach Sheets and Jamie Stokes for their contributions to the everyday well-being of the school culture and climate. High School – Aaron Aubuchon for overall excellence as a student leader. Athletics – Aaron Aubuchon for scoring 1,214 Career Points in Boys Basketball.

The next regular school board meeting will take place April 16 in the Intermediate library at 6 p.m.