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Words to ‘Taps’ just as emotional as melody

Posted on Monday, June 3, 2013 at 8:18 am

The haunting melody, we know as ‘Taps’ used at military funerals was born during the Civil War, I’m told (and confirmed on Snopes). Eric Blankenship (top photo), Troy Buchanan High instrumental music instructor, brought Memorial Day ceremonies in Troy to a close this Memorial Day with the playing of this traditional ending to many military events.

In looking up its history, this over 60+ American didn’t realize there were words to this song. The words are:


Day is done.

Gone the sun.

From the lakes

From the hills.

From the sky.

All is well.

Safely rest.

God is nigh.


Fading light.

Dims the sight.

And a star.

Gems the sky.

Gleaming bright.

From afar.

Drawing nigh.

Falls the night.


Thanks and praise.

For our days.

Neath the sun

Neath the stars.

Neath the sky

As we go.

This we know.

God is nigh


Those words are moving and sums up a life well lived. Looking over the crowd I saw veterans such as Walter McClay (bottom photo) who asked not to be recognized but rightly should. A great pride swept through the crowd, knowing what great service these men and women provided all of us. Every year the names of those from Lincoln County killed in action are read aloud. This never gets old and should always be an integral highlight of the ceremony. It was those who sacrificed so we might assemble without retribution. John Cottle was a reader and he read the name of an uncle he never met. The link and heritage of service of a family was connected. To all veterans, thank you and we appreciate you!

By Bob Simmons